Checks and Stripes Towels – FO

Start Date: 2 May 2021End Date: 30 May 2021
Pattern Name: Checks and Stripes TowelsDesigner: Chelsey Russel
Size: followed instructionsRecipient: me
12 dent heddle/12ppiLoom: 25″ Flip
Yarn: Maurice Brassard 8/4 cottonYardage Used: 740 yards

Notes: First time on my newer wider loom. It was… a learning experience 🙂

First, I need to remember to use two direct warping pints when it’s a wide project or the ends get loose. Second, boat shuttles man. I swear it stayed just as hard the whole way through. Part of the issue was the thread kept getting caught up on the separator sticks and the frame mechanisms. Part was tensioning – it was shocking to me how easy it was for those boats to fall between the threads. or shoot across the room 😉 I need to advance much more often and sooner than I think.

I ended up being about 60-ish weft rows short of being able to complete the pattern. And I had ALOT of missed picks. I got most of them fixed as I went, but I totally gave up toward the end. Ready to be done.

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