Episode 40: Hello? Is this thing on?

Episode 40: Is this thing on?

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Finished Objects

  1. Persian Dreams by Jenise Hope (first block only)
  2. Celestarium by Audry Nicklin in MadelineTosh Twist Light Thunderstorm colorway. 
  3. Vodka Lemonade by Thea Coleman in Neighborhood Fiber Co Cobblestone DK  in Clintonville colorway


  1. Stained Glass mitered square blanket using Ladybug laboratory pattern and tutorials
  2. Mossy Way by Carol Feller in Madeline Tosh High Twist DK in Forsta colorway
  3. Azurine Cowl by Ambah O’Brian using Three Irish girls in the Luxe Adorn base in the Rain Forest colorway

On Deck

  1. Starting point by Joji Locatelli
  2. Ice Fall by Tin Can Knits 
  3. Socks

2018 recap


Specific Plans

  1. Sweaters for me: Check
  2. Stash planning/stashdown: Not so much.
  3. Craftsy classes: Check



Deep Thoughts: Pretty purple elephants 🙂