Cushiest Cowl – WIP

About 6 rows of brioche 2-color cowl with yarn balls in the back ground, dark green tonal and creamy/taupe with variety of green and blue variegations
Start Date: December 24, 2021End Date:
Pattern Name: Cushiest CowlDesigner: Nancy Marchant
Size: About 40 cast on?Recipient: me
Needle size – US 6 / 4MMGauge: meh
Yarn: Dyetastic Perfectly worsted in OOAK green tonal;
Leading Men Fiber Arts in Box Office base, Stay out of the forest color way – both are 100% merino wool
Yardage Used:

Notes: It’s been a hot second since I did any brioche, and I’ve never done 2-color. The pattern is out of a Modern Daily Knitting Field Guide, and it’s got lots of beautiful brioche patterns. If I’d never done brioche before, I definitely would have needed YT videos. I needed it for 2 color and for doing it in the round. I’m not convinced that I’ve got the beginning of round and end of round stitches just right, I think it will take a few more rounds before I can tell for certain. If I were to bet, I’d say I get to start over again. Which will be fine — brioching is fun, regardless of how much time it takes to make.

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