Starkin Mitts – WIP

Small cream colored yarn in broken rib stitch with grey cast on.
Start Date: December 24, 2021End Date:
Pattern Name: StarkinDesigner: Kate Davies
Size: MediumRecipient: me
Needle size – US 3.25 US/3.00 MMGauge: meh
Yarn: Milarrochy Tweed – using Beate’s colors from patternYardage Used:

Notes: After finishing the Day Tripper and being so pleased with the color work, I came across this pattern in Kate’s All Over club. The design is pretty in several color ways, but Beate’s version uses a veritable rainbow of colors and just seemed so… joyful in standing out as happy and bright in a winter scape. Even though solstice just happened, it always seems to me like the first half of the year is never as warm or bright overall as the second half. With that in mind, I committed to weaving in the eleventy billion ends this will yield. 🙂 Good news is that I should have plenty of yarn – except for the 1 main color, where I didn’t read the fine print and get a second ball. So, ahem, we will see what it weighs after the first mitt. I tend to way underuse anything that’s ever estimated, so… crossing everything. Failing that, I think I have a wee bit of some Jamison that will do in a pinch. mmm. We will see.

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