Sewing Projects

August 2021

Start Date: August 2021End Date: August 2021
Pattern Name: MineDesigner: Me
Size:26 inch square pillow coverRecipient: kiddo


Years ago (maybe 8 or so?) I bought a bunch of pillow forms and made a bunch of pillow covers sort of scrappy and with zippers. They were for kiddo’s window bench and she was young enough then that I could use bright colors and rickrack or boa style trims 🙂 Well, she wanted to take a couple of the largest pillows to college and the hot pink and lime forms with the boa trips were just not going to get it done. So she picked out these fabrics from my stash and I whipped these up in an afternoon. They’re definitely useful on her dorm bed because the beds can’t push quite all the way up against the walls 😉

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Still August 2021

Start Date: August 2021End Date: August 2021
Pattern Name: Butterick 4685Designer: Butterick
Size: a self-graded up equivalent of a 24Recipient: me


I have an affinity for peasant tops. Years ago Old navy had some really awesome ones with embroidery and all the things. I wore those tops until they SHREDDED. This pattern isn’t quite right for those, but it’s a decent starting spot. I’m going to make another by the pattern in a size 22 but making the sleeve be a skosh longer (I don’t like the tight sort of cap feeling). I might also try lengthening the torso a bit or making the slight “v” in the side bottom hems slightly less “v”-ey 🙂 All in all it was pretty easy. I used some crepe fabric I got in my last indie stitch box meant for a project that I had no interest in making, so that’s kinda of nice. I might have enough to try one more. If not, I’d like to use some very drapey cotton voile. It happens to go perfectly with a flowy skirt in my last pic which I made like 20 years ago? in black crepe 🙂

May 2021

Start Date: 7 May 2021End Date: 9 May 2021
Pattern Name: English Paper Pieced Pin-CushionDesigner: Susan B Anderson
Size: 2″ hexisRecipient: Me

Notes: I did this as part of a house cup workshop. And it was WAY more fun than I thought it would be. I mean like ridiculously relaxing. Especially the heximaking part itself. The pin cushioning was fine. But the hexi making was just a new level of zen. And he’s so cute! I primarily used this tute and this video.

Image of small pink hexipuff as pincushion, with strawberry motifs and pinks