Episode 65: So tired but still crafting

Episode 65: So tired but still crafting

WARNING: I use links to ravelry in this blog post. Note that Ravelry’s redesign has significant accessibility issues where people have experienced migraines, auras and even seizures. Please educate yourself on the Ravelry issues if their redesign might cause you issues. The few places I could find links to the same content outside of ravelry, I have added and noted where a link goes to Ravelry. I hope that helps.

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Grateful List

Finished Objects

  1. Berry Baby Hat but pumpkin by Michelle Sabatier using leftover Rios in lettuce and sunset
  2. Baby hat with top knot by tegan using PlainJane Craft DK cotton in a pale blue
  3. My first woven scarf using sweet georgia tough love sock which is an 80/20 merino nylon blend in the saltwater and neverland colorways
    1. Recommendation Gist Yarn


  1. Second woven scarf using Wonderland Yarn in Little Bat and some Merino Sock from Dyetastic that was part of a OOAK sale in a blacky purple
  2. Latest stripey SOS by Susan B Anderson – using Lollipop yarn in the traditional sock base – in the colorway Dream a Little Dream
  3. Curdach Blanket by Carol Feller in her Blasta base – note that Carol feller will have the pattern available for non-club members and this fantastic yarn in October.
  4.  Lothlorien Shawl by Jennifer Wood
  5. The Rainscape Cowl by Erin Kurup (Remade by Hand) using Dyetastic Perfectly Sock base – i think it’s the Junk Rock colroway which is hot pinks, to almost read to a bubblegum pink


Deep Thoughts