My Favorite Techniques, Books and other Resources

I thought it would be helpful for me to have a list  of links to tutorials for my favorite knitting techniques and then decided it might be helpful for you as well. I’ll expand add my books to it soon.

1. Stretchy bind off: Andi Satterlund’s Modified Stretchy Bind Off.

I love this for any binding off that needs stretch: cuffs on socks, mittens and sleeves, waists, necks of a sweater, top down hats and cowls. About the only things i don’t bind off this way are scarves and shawls. I prefer this to Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. I think it’s easier and, more importantly for me, the line it makes is a little tighter. I might do Jeny’s too loose, but I find my bind off line looks sloppy.

2. Seaming: Sally Melville’s Craftsy class called Essential Techniques Every Knitter Should Know.

I mentioned this class in an episode. It’s my go to when I have an odd cast on problem or increase or decreases that aren’t looking as polished as I want them to. Lots of great suggestions and really great filming so it’s super easy to see what she is doing. This is my favorite Craftsy class of all time. I use it all the time.

3. German Short Row (and total wrap and turn replacement): a Mimi Kezer’s German Short Row Tutorial.

This was life-changing! Ok, maybe not but at least my knitting life changing. The technique is so easy, but what I really appreciate about this video is her side by side comparison of the wrap and turn fabric with the german short row fabric. Once you see that, you’ll never wrap and turn again. Although after you see how easy german short rows are to do AND to keep track of where you are on the next row, that by itself might decide never wraps and turns again. I don’t know about you all, but I always struggle to see where my wrap and turn is precisely in the prior row (I know, markers, but sometimes I don’t). This was so easy for me to just see. Give it a try.

4. Addressing jogging in the round. You know that when you work in the round, you are effectively making a spiral. Most of the time that doesn’t matter, but it totally matters in striping, some colorwork and at your bind off. The following are my favorite ways to fix the visual spiral problem for those situations.

A. Knit Freedom’s How to Neaten the Last Bind Off Stitch in the Round. Great tutorial on this. You do have to fiddle just a little when you are done to match the tension of your other bind off stitches, but it doesn’t take much. When you are done, it’s just like she shows you in the tutorial–invisible.

B. Jogless Stripes by Knit Purl Hunter. This is a really straightforward video. I think she’s got it condensed down to what you actually need to know without a lot of irrelevant fluff. I wish her videos had a scidge more light, but you can see reasonably well.