Episode 49: Living the Dream

Episode 49: Living the Dream

Welcome: Please find my latest episode here.  Also, find me as saltyjoknits on ravelry or in our podcasts group on ravelry. Email me at saltyjoknits at gmail dot com and as saltyjoknits on instagram

Finished Objects

  1. Sommar cardi by yarn-madness using Three Irish Girls Springvale DK (100% merino) base in Sea glass.
  2. Baby Barley Hat by Tin Can Knits using Rios in LiquidAmbar


  1. Neon StripesSOS socks using String Theory Colorwork’s Inertia Base (80/20; 400 yards) in the Free Radical colorway (purple, turquoise, neon green, black and grey)
  2. IceFall by Tin Can Knits using Tosh Merino Light (420 yds; single ply; merino – anyone know if it’s SW?) in Charcoal and Deram in Color Jilly (440 yds; sw, merino) base in Amethyst colorway (single ply; fingering)

On Deck

  1. Baby Pumpkin Hat
  2. Butterfly and Cocoon
  3. Candy canes for the tree (not sure if I’ll use this pattern or something else. these seem a bit… clunky?)
  4. Pumpkins (I thought this was kind of a different pattern)
  5. Lothlorien shawl
  6. F Bombs 
  7. Ripple Cropped Sweater 
  8. Starshower 
  9. Amphora 
  10. 5-6 hats for kids and grown ups
  11. 2 Christmas socks (for me and kiddo in our stockings)
  12. Finish kiddo’s Icefall 
  13. Finish my No Summer Blues 
  14. Finish my Myrna 

That’s Entertainment

THe Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club  by Gil McNeil

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon

Rants/Raves/Deep Thoughts

*Note from Jo – There was an issue with the last 10 minutes it seems. It’s dead air for the Deep Thoughts section and, naturally, my original file is corrupted. So no deep thoughts this episode :(. We will catch up next time.



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