Episode 62: Woven Tales

Episode 62: Woven Tales

WARNING: I use links to ravelry in this blog post. Note that Ravelry’s recent redesign has significant accessibility issues where people have experienced migraines, auras and even seizures. Please educate yourself on the Ravelry issues if their redesign might cause you issues. The few places I could find links to the same content outside of ravelry, I have added and noted where a link goes to Ravelry. I hope that helps.

Welcome: Please find my latest episode here.  Also, find me as (Ravelry link) saltyjoknits on ravelry or in our (Ravelry link) podcast’s group on ravelry. Email me at saltyjoknits at gmail dot com and as saltyjoknits on instagram

Grateful List

I mentioned coffee – it’s from Blk&Bold

Finished Objects

  1. (ravelry link) Sunstripe cowl from Remade by Hand – Cheshire Cat wonderland yarns 
  2. Dishcloths-ish – My new loom is a schact flip 15″ rigid heddle loom


  1. (ravelry link) Curdach Blanket by Carol Feller in her Blasta base – note that Carol feller will have the pattern available for non-club members and this fantastic yarn in October.
  2. Sewing hard fails 😉

Languish Anguish

  1. Macrame plant hanger. Throw it out!!!
  2. 2002 crochet square blanket – in caron simply soft
  3. 2013? 2014? Knit block blanket
  4. (ravelry link) Lothlorien
  5. (ravelry link) Gandalf socks
  6. (ravelry link) Fading point
  7. (ravelry link) Yarnia – already marked as froggied
  8. I need to do all my sewing/other craft projects like the WIP closet! – half done project bag and cut quilt. 
  9. Rants/Raves

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