Rainbow Washcloths – FO

Start Date: 5 June 2021End Date: 19 June 2021
Pattern Name: No patternWhat I did: 12/13 white on the ends
5 threads of each stripe (all doubled)
Size: roughly 9×9Recipient: me
8 dent heddle/16 ppiLoom: 25″ Flip
Yarn: Lunatic Fringe
5/2 mercerized cotton
Yardage Used: About 300 yards

Notes: Warp and weft are double-threaded.

I didn’t measure the warp – just did the eyeball of what would be “several” cloths worth. I added the weft color stripes and then measured the weft as it grew so that I’d add the next weft color stripes roughly square plus a few rows past square. This worked pretty well for 8.5-9 inch square cloths.

Things that didn’t work as well – 1- I intended to split these with serger and then iron the raw side and sew, but even with serging, I still need to double fold the raw end. Maybe not if I changed to white serger thread. Maybe. I think I’ll want the clean look anyway, so I’m not sure if it’s worth using the serger at all. Regardless, I need to add some more white rows before adding the weft color stripes to allow for the double folded hems. Pause please – I just washed them all and I need to fold the hems or they are going to shred. I hate hemming 😉

2- I don’t get the cardboard warp separators. Whatever I’m doing is making the weft separate on the warp roller bar. I don’t know if that’s the mercerized cotton or the cardboard wrong or what. I am going to get the mylar drafting paper and see if that will work. The cardboard is a huge PITA.

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