Episode 7: Joy and the Journey

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Finished Objects (thrill of victory!!)

On the Spice Market by Melanie Berg

Disasters of Epic Proportion (agony of defeat)

Galder Socks by Mari-Liisa Varila


  1. Yarnia RPG MKAL
  2. Brickless with Miss Babs Yowza in the Deep Sea Jellyfish  
  3. Smooth Operator Socks by Susan B Anderson 
  4. Chuck sweater by Andi Satterlund.

Languish Anguish

Winter Wreath from purl Soho.  

Rants and Raves

Rant-Garbage Cans!

Rave-Lovely weather. I mentioned I’m reading Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Workshop. Note that there is a second edition published in 2014, which is the one I have.

Deep Thoughts

Joy and the Journey. I’m going to stop knitting patterns and colors that don’t give me joy. So much of this process that I revisit again and again centers around me trusting myself and my instincts instead of forging ahead because “they” say it’s the correct thing etc. This is the hamburger color cardi I mention which is the #294 Open Summer Cardigan by Knitting Pure and Simple

Also look into the #yarnlovechallenge over at instagram. It’s a lot of fun.

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