Episode 78: All Dressed Up

Episode 78: All Dressed Up

Welcome: Please find my latest episode here.  Email me at saltyjoknits at gmail dot com and as saltyjoknits on instagram.

Grateful List

Finished Objects

  1.  Owl sweater by Kate Davies using Madeline Tosh Triple Twist in Tart from eat.sleep.knit [picture coming after it’s done blocking]
  2. Verbena Dress by Blank Slate Patterns


  1. Textured Scarf on my Flip Schact rigid heddle loom using some cotton Mallo slub yarn from gistyarns.com

Crafting communities online other than rav?


Crafting communities online other than rav?

Ordered from eshakti, unique vintage, and stitchfix.  I forgot to mention, but, as always, my content is NOT sponsored. Opinions are mine.


Deep Thoughts


  1. I’m on twitter – and I find that the “community” has huge cross over with Instagram and still don’t feel any sense of community.
    I have a little better sense on Instagram and I follow the hashtag of whatever pattern I’m loving – Right now I am obsessing over the “Granny Go Round” jumper and thinking it might fullfill the itch for a new blanket as well as provide me a new sweater. I tried to talk the little in to it and she demands a bear pocket, so there you go, no granny sweater for her.
    I’ve been dipping my toe in to Discord, don’t love it. I find it hard to follow for some reason. I miss Rav’s interface and layout 😦
    On clothes – I occasionally look for new stuff since I’m only working part time and Santa Barbara is very relaxed. But I found “The Curated Closet” and the review by the “By the Book” ladies so helpful. Now I take photos of outfits when I’m in a dressing room and I’ve defined my style. In a nutshell it’s “Goth Librarian Lite.” Note, not actual librarians since, as mentioned, super casual. But the mental image of a librarian.


    • So interesting. twitter is a place I’ve given some side eye to for years on whether it’s something I want in my life. I don’t have FB, so IG is really all I have. I use discord exclusively for gaming communities, but it’s only those with whom I actually game or game in their multi gaming empire. Those are fine, but I don’t find it super engaging.

      Thanks for the tip on the Curated Closet. I’ll give that a poke. And I love “Goth Librarian Lite”! I want to figure out my style so I can label it that easily and people can understand it that easily too.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!


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