Baby Flax – FO

tiny turquoise baby sweater with garter paneling on the arms

Start Date: Oct 2021End Date: October 2021
Pattern Name: FlaxDesigner Tin Can Knits
Size: 0-6 monthsRecipient: co-worker’s child
Needle size – US 5/3.75MM for ribbing;
US 7/4.5MM for rest
Gauge: meh
Yarn: Cascade 220 SWYardage Used: 88 grams/193 yards

Notes: It was really easy. I did a super stretchy cast on so the neck could accomodate baby’s big noggin. And I remembered to put in sleeve markers as I decreased (the little that you do on this small size). Wouldn’t change a thing. Was pretty zippy. I used the joining end of yarn on the sleeves to tighten up the underarms when I wove in ends.

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