Anthology Hat – FO

Small turquoise hat with beige colorwork just above the ribbed brin in the shape of an elongated diamond
Start Date: November 2021End Date: November 2021
Pattern Name: AnthologyDesigner Tin Can Knits
Size: ToddlerRecipient: co-worker’s child
Needle size – US 5/3.75MM for ribbing
and colorwork;
US 6/4.0MM for rest
Gauge: meh
Yarn: Cascade 220 SWYardage Used: Damn, forgot to weigh

Notes: The Anthology pattern is basically a hat making recipe for sizing and yarn weight. Pick a yarn weight and a size to make and they’ve got instructions for you. You pick whatever colorwork motif you want. I just thumbed through their examples in the Strange Brew book and picked one that was evenly divisible with the stitch count.

I did screw up. Sigh. I forgot to put the larger needle size on after the ribbing, which was worse with colorwork because that tends to pull the knitting in anyway. If I had done it the right way, I would have done smallest size for ribbing, 1 size larger than the “large” size in the pattern for the colorwork and then back to the pattern “large” size for the rest of the hat. So other than me being a ding dong, it was great. Simple, easy. Only took me a couple of evenings after work.

Here’s the whole outfit 🙂

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