Episode 56: Inappropriately Appropriate

Episode 56: Inappropriately Appropriate

Note to listeners: I totally lied – I did mention corona throughout. It’s hard not to when why you are doing x craft or y thing is because of it. So if you are looking for corona-free listening, this ain’t it. That said, it’s not political.

Welcome: Please find my latest episode ____.  Also, find me as saltyjoknits on ravelry or in our podcasts group on ravelry. Email me at saltyjoknits at gmail dot com and as saltyjoknits on instagram

Grateful List

Finished Objects

  1. Nada


  1. Santach by Carol Feller aka Stolen Stitches. 
  2. IceFall by Tin Can Knits using Tosh Merino Light (420 yds; single ply; merino – anyone know if it’s SW?) in Charcoal and Deram in Color Jilly (440 yds; sw, merino) base in Amethyst colorway (single ply; fingering) – The Norwegian Knitting Thimble video I mentioned is here by Dankfiber . It’s three parts and very worth watching.
  3. Weekender by Andrea Mowry in Malabrigo Rios Cereza. I used this Very Pink Knits tutorial for the tubular cast on. So good.

On Deck

Rants/Raves/Deep Thoughts





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