Episode 74: Shoulding all over my crafting

Episode 74: Shoulding all over my crafting

Welcome: Please find my latest episode here .  Email me at saltyjoknits at gmail dot com and as saltyjoknits on instagram.

Grateful List

Yarn database

Finished Objects

English paper pieced hexi pin cushion 😉 I used these two (video only) tutorials (pix and links to templates) 



  1. Nationals Socks using The Yarn Jar Shop’s classic sock base (75/25) base in gobstopper 

nationals socks

  1. Curdach Blanket by Carol Feller (also known as Stolen Stitches) using her Blasta yarn
  2. Stonecatcher Wrap by Erin Kurup/Remade by Hand using some of the mad tosh merino light
  3. Having some weaving fail on my Checks and Stripes Towels designed by Chelsay Russell. Using 8/4 unmercerized cotton from Maurice Brassard. Both are available at Gist Yarns (I’m not affiliated or in any way compensated by them – I just like them for all my weaving needs.)
  4. Owl sweater by Kate Davies using Madeline Tosh Triple Twist in Tart from eat.sleep.knit


Deep Thoughts

Will you all please remind me to quit house cup next term for real please?

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