Nationals Socks – FO

Stripey socks from a back view standing on tippy toes showing yarn that is white and grey striped with the white stripes speckled with spring colors.
Start Date: 1 May 2021End Date: Current
Pattern Name: Smooth Operator Socks – ishDesigner: Susan B Anderson
Size: 68 rib (2×2)/64 stockinetteRecipient: Kiddo
Needle: US 0/2.0 MMGauge:
Yarn: The Yarn Jar Shop;
classic sock base (75/25 merino/nylon); gobstopper colorway
Yardage Used: 276 yards

Notes: I did the 2×2 rib because I thought there was a decent chance kiddo would want to claim these as hers 😉 And she does. Because hey – souvenir from mom being with her at nationals. So now I need to measure her fav socks before I cut into them for heels. Sigh.

5-31-21 I decided to give my brain a break and just put the heels in the sock snake after the cuffs and then cut for the foot accordingly. I lost about 2 inches of knitting, but I just frogged that yarn and used it for the toe. Firs ttime in awhile I didn’t do contrast anything, but simple is the order of the day at the moment.


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