Litmus – FO

3 images – First is a thin, rectangular plastic box with colorful balls of yarn closest are the warmer reds, pinks, oranges, yellow and some green. Second is cowl in progress on a table top with a cream ball of yarn, cowl shows cream stripes offset with black, dark grey, medium grey, light grey, medium brown, light brown and dark purple with a blue glowing tree ipad cover in the background, farther are cool colors of blues, purples, greys. Third is blond, curly haired woman wearing finished cowl with white and pinks/reds/purples and blues showing.

Start Date: Aug 2021End Date: October 2021
Pattern Name: Litmus Cowl (ravelry link)Designer Jude Harper/Stranded Dyeworks
Size: one sizeRecipient: kiddo or me
Needle size – US 3 /3.25 MMGauge: meh
Yarn: Canon Hand-dyed 5 gram minisYardage Used: Um, the whole thing

Notes: Starting with the “non-colors” so that way they’re done and I’m jazzed to see the colors work up later.

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